We make what we are.

We maintain the essence of what has enabled us to get where we are now: craftsmanship. Our products are made by hand, one by one, with all the care owed to something we love and which is part of us. This is our way, the only one we know, of paying tribute to our own history and roots and the knowledge amassed by our family.

The craftsmanship tradition defines our nature and how we live,

the character we strive to build into our products. We know how to make delicatessen sausages for all tastes and prepared dishes from lifelong traditional recipes. We know how to do all this and how to be responsible. To do so we have a commitment with the producers in the territory to produce a selection of top quality raw materials and manufacture a product of huge benefit to the health and wellbeing of its consumers. Producing foodstuffs carries with it an enormous responsibility: if we are what we eat, then we make what we are.