The history of Casa Fígols is one of a dedicated family.

Dedication to the territory, because we have always resolved to operate from the small village of Montmajor (Barcelona), use the local suppliers and provide employment for its inhabitants. Dedication to quality, because from the very beginning the goal has been an excellent product and service, even if, in the short term, this has meant some sacrifices in the business. A family committed to a tradition of careful manual preparation with all of the details which, added together, result in the authentic taste and aroma of the eternal Casa Fígols delicatessen sausages.

Joan Fígols, the grandfather of the present owner,

together with his wife Queralt Planas, set up the first family business, a general goods store which originally performed the function of offering a good service to the residents of Montmajor and to isolated houses in the area. At that time it was selling the products of the weekly slaughter carried out by the family, and from the success of this initiative came the idea of guiding the business in that direction.

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It was 1959 when Casa Fígols became fully active in the delicatessen sausage business,

always strictly in accordance with the traditional method, which is completely manual. A vital factor in this was the Wednesday market in Montmajor, which was where the local producers set the prices for livestock. The influx of visitors was very important and gave a strong boost to sales by Casa Fígols.

The second generation, with Joan Fígols junior and his wife Rosa Casas,

continued making pork products with such success that their fame for fine delicatessen sausages spread throughout the district of Berguedà and neighbouring areas. They increased and consolidated sales in the Montmajor shop and started selling in small establishments in the district, a development which marked the debut of their three children: Concepció, Queralt and Joan Fígols.

It was when the grandson of the founder, also named Joan Fígols, came into the business

that the brand began to grow fast, whilst maintaining the quality and characteristics of the products manufactured hitherto. In 1993, Casa Fígols formed a limited liability company, and in 1994 the Montmajor premises were enlarged to give a further boost to production.

Joan Fígols and his wife, Marta Comellas,

were the drivers of growth in the company’s own establishments which have given the brand a high profile. The first shop was in Prat de Llobregat, in 1994. Later came the premises in Barcelona (1997) and the makeover of the historic shop in Montmajor. In 2005, Casa Fígols opened in Berga, and in 2007 in Avià. Finally, it has been present in the Boqueria market in Barcelona since 2011.

In parallel with the growth in its own establishments

Casa Fígols has extended its products throughout Catalonia and various places in Spain, mainly to beef and pork butcher’s shops but also to restaurants and gourmet outlets. Today, over 300 establishments rely on the products of Casa Fígols, which are now not only delicatessen sausages but also prepared dishes and products, all with the same philosophy: made as they always have been but better than ever.